I made it to Nicaragua!!

Looking out into the back patio of my sister's place in Managua.

Bienbenidos a Nicaragua!

I’ve been here for a few days but have been so engrossed in things that I haven’t posted yet.

Its a bit awkward being a tall white person in a country such as this. It feels like people either see you as a potentially lucrative customer, or some kind of romanticized image of a rich person out of a telenovela.

Today is Christmas Eve, which is the most important day of Christmas, culminating in a fancy dinner of a similar scale as Thanksgiving in the states.

My mom found some website where you pay someone to buy things locally in Nicaragua and have them delivered to someone here in the country. So she bought us a Turkey, which is apparently hard to find here. Everyone is cooking right now, the maid is even here helping in the kitchen as well…..it feels slightly odd that my sister has a maid– but I guess it makes sense, because there is no washing machine here, so all the clothes washing is done by hand. And since the unemployment is so high, it is good to give work to people if you can.

I’m really interested to learn about how people stay afloat with such unemployment and a relatively slow economy in the traditional sense. A great place to get a feel for the informal economy, and potential strategies for innovative economic solutions such as micro-credit, local currencies, and community-driven economic development.

Locally produced things are really cheap here; I just bought twelve oranges for 70 cents!! However, imported or manufactured goods are even more expensive than they would be in the states. So there is actually an economic incentive to buy locally….. except that higher-end goods are simply not produced here.

Anyway, I have to go chop fruits to make sangria!! Feliz navidad mis amores!


One Response to “I made it to Nicaragua!!”

  1. Feliz Navidad! I am grateful to hear of your journeys and look forward to more insights that come into your sweet head….
    the picture of the home you posted looks beautiful.
    Bless you!

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