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A Pattern Language for Social Innovation– looking for an ontology

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I’ll be touring Europe this summer with the intention of learning the secrets of success in social innovation from experienced practitioners.

I’ve decided to harvest the stories, wisdom and insight that I learn along the way into an attractive deck of cards, such that the key concepts are easily digestible and can be assembled into mind maps.

I’m wondering how these cards could be incorporated into art of hosting/harvesting so that as new wisdom emerges, it can be crystallized into card form and added to the body of knowledge.

Key to the success of such a deck would be the template design into which the content would be placed. There needs to be enough flexibility to allow for a wide diversity of ideas, solutions, stories, etc but also enough order such that the cards can be organized into comprehensible mind-maps.

So I’m looking for the right categorization structure. Perhaps the Chaordic Stepping Stones would work well? What other ontologies have you found to be useful for organizing thinking about social innovation?


More art in progress

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More Art

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This is probably going to get more love, but here’s the start:

New Art

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What I’m up to

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A quick update on what I’ve been up to lately.

I’m working to build a currency “game” based on tradable art cards. The idea is to introduce new ways of thinking about and using currencies through a real-world game with missions that build community projects, improve ecology, and help create the world in which we want to live. An initialdescription of the concept is here.

Over the last year, I’ve been thinking and talking a lot about how to create a space for the people who are working to change the world. Call it a social innovation incubator, call it a think-do tank, call it a cross-sector community Hub, the point is to create a headquarters for “the movement” so that deeper relationships and coordination will result in, well, deeper and more coordinated solutions!

After a year of brainstorming about what such a hub would look like, and how to develop it, I think I may have found a pretty juicy model! Why not extend the question (what is this, and how do we make it?) into a sort of social research experiment? What would happen if we put 30 young social innovators together into an empty loft, and asked them to create the working environment of the future?

Ideally, it would be something like a year-long fellowship, investing in both the people themselves, the outcomes of the social R&D, and the actual space that they create. (I’m also interested in how this could be developed using complimentary currencies, but this may be biting off too much at once.) The idea is totally open flexible; I’m seeking feedback on the proposal here.

So YES, I’m working on some pretty ambitious stuff on zero physical resources! Its awesome! The global economic situation is an invitation to re-invent the way we live in the world, and I’m diving in! Would you like to join me?

Art In Progress: Phase 2

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This piece is really tall, to look at the whole thing on my monitor I have to zoom out until its a 4inch thumbnail!

I think i’m about half way with this one- can’t wait to print it out!! Of course it will cost like $200 to print this out, and I don’t really have $200…but…..

Art in progress

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I’m staying at Cloudview Eco-Farm and I’ve been working on this piece: